At Calian Ltd. (“Calian”), we’re committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement is designed to describe to you the basis for the personal information we collect as part of our recruitment process.

We use SAP SuccessFactors, a web-based human resources platform, to assist in our recruiting process. As part of that process, SAP SuccessFactors will be processing the personal information you’ve shared in your application for employment in accordance with Calian instructions. 

When you apply for a job posted by us, the information you provide in the application is used to determine your fit for current and future roles at Calian, and to assist with the Calian recruiting processes. The personal information you’ve provided in your application will be shared with Calian recruiters and human resources personnel for purposes relating to your recruitment and employment, and with hiring managers for consideration of future opportunities at Calian.

Calian will securely retain the personal information we collect from you for the purpose of your employment or potential for future employment. The information will be kept for a period of up to 25 years, as we routinely search our database for candidates with credentials that match our customers’ requirements on new or potential RFPs.  As such, by submitting your information, you may be considered for immediate and future job opportunities with us.  If at any point you’d like us to remove the information we’ve collected or share it with you, please submit your request to